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Blum, Schumacher & Associates, Inc., a Florida firm established in 1982, provides civil, structural, and environmental consulting engineering along with Florida Threshold Building Inspection Services.  BSA is Woman Owned and is a State of Florida Certified MBE firm.





In the midst of war and strife and in the aftermath of catastrophes around the world, we send our condolences to those who have lost loved ones and to those who were injured.  Since these events have impacted much of the world, everyone is in some sense a victim.

We urge you at this time to recognize and appreciate the acts of everyday courage in yourselves and others.  Give blood, donate to the Red Cross, buy a stock, buy a book, work hard and play hard.  Check on a neighbor.

Life is short.  We also want to pay tribute to Tom Park, who died on
September 12, 2001.  He was not a victim of the terrorist attack, but he fought for his country, and he was on the front lines of making our economy strong: he successfully owned and managed a small business.

This is a quote that seems appropriate for our times, although we don't know its author. "I believe in interconnectedness of all things."